bringing you simple effective relief™

bringing you simple effective relief™

Get Back to Living

With sessions lasting as little as 1 hour a day, you can get true relief while at your desk at work, watching your favorite show or posting pics on Instagram.

Easy to Use

Our brace has been designed for you to use anywhere. With it’s lightweight, compact design along with it’s multiple quick straps running from the boot up the leg, you can easy use it on the go or at home. This allows you to get the ultimate in plantar faciitis treatment anytime you need, without interrupting your day.

Extends Above the Knee

Our braces are the ONLY equinus braces on the market that actually extend above the knee. By keeping your knee extended, you will be positioning your feet to receive the care that is required for optimal plantar faciitis treatment.

60* Toe Wedge

Our brace has been designed for you to use anywhere. With it’s multiple quick straps running from the boot up the leg, you can quickly take care of your session, allowing you to get back to your day.

The Best Non-Surgical Alternative

Find lasting relief without having to undergo surgery. Though results may vary, many of our happy customers have found long-lasting relief within a 12 week session. Talk with your doctor today.

Available in Adult and Pediatric Sizes

Bring lasting relief to your whole family.

“…It has me walking without pain for the first time in two weeks and it has the added bonus of relieving my night time foot cramps!”

~ Felissa Camp

Physician Designed

Inspired by his own tibial tendonitis, Dr. Patrick DeHeer set out to create a solution that provided the correct healing conditions while making it accessible for anyone who was also suffering from equinus and various other related conditions.

Along side Dr. DeHeer, through years of research and testing, IQ Medical can proudly say that our braces succeed in providing the following:

Effective and Precise Treatment

Ankle dorsiflexion with the foot supinated to isolate the dorsiflexion force to the hindfoot stabilizes the midtarsal joints and externally rotates the tibia locking the knee in full extension.

Patient-Friendly Treatment

The Equinus Brace® requires 1 hour per day of treatment, unlike other treatment options, resulting in greater patient compliance.

Essential for comprehensive treatment of numerous equinus related deformities

Equinus is associated with more than 35 lower extremity pathologies referenced in the literature. A comprehensive treatment plan of these pathologies should include proper equinus management.