Why Night Splints Are So Ineffective in Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Why Night Splints Are So Ineffective in Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

February 01, 2022

Simple Answer? People Bend Their Knees

In the 1980s and ’90s, night splints were the go-to treatment for those suffering from plantar fasciitis because, theoretically, you could stretch you're calf muscles while sleeping. For context, plantar fasciitis is often associated with tight calf muscles, which the medical community refers to as “Equinus.” Sadly, the idea that you could treat Equinus while sleeping was misguided because a night splint doesn't keep your leg straight during the night. Most people sleep on their side with their knees bent, therefore almost no meaningful stretching occurs.

This makes the discomfort and annoyance of night splints totally not worth it! 

The key to success with stretching to treat plantar fasciitis is to keep the leg straight while flexing your foot towards you. While sitting in a chair, try flexing your foot up while your knee is bent. Now, keep your foot flexed and extend your leg. Feel the difference?

Fortunately, Dr. Patrick DeHeer developed the Equinus Brace and it has revolutionized how plantar fasciitis is treated. Here's how it works:

The brace uses an extension not present on normal night splints that goes above the knee. This extension keeps the legs straight for an optimal stretch. So, instead of having to do runner’s stretches for 30 minutes every day on each leg, or use an uncomfortable splint (all night), the patient can treat their plantar fasciitis in just one hour per day! The brace features variable stretch settings which provide a measurable and progressive approach. In addition, a special wedge is inserted under the big toe to target stretch the plantar fascia.

 This solution is also much more effective than the alternative options for treating plantar fasciitis like injections, physical therapy & surgery. Comparatively, each of these options could cost you thousands, could be incredibly invasive and time wasting, and lastly, they may not fully treat the true cause of planter fasciitis. Simply, the TruStretch Equinus Brace alleviates the pain of plantar fasciitis but also helps to treat the cause of your symptoms. 

With the Equinus Brace, your stretching routine works with your daily schedule instead of against it. It’s as simple as sitting down in front of the TV or with a good book and using the brace with the leg properly extended. If you or someone you love suffers from plantar fasciitis or equinus, contact IQ Med and find out about this revolutionary device that can get you healed and back in the game.

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Alexandra Hughes of The Pennsylvania Ballet

The Equinus Brace has really helped me get rid of the tight and achy muscles that contributed to my stress fracture. The brace helped relieve my tired muscles and stretch the entire leg, from toes to the thigh, providing complete relief. After a few weeks, I noticed a change in my ballet performance.