Plantar fasciitis anyone?! 🙃 - A testimonial by @stephpiruns

Plantar fasciitis anyone?! 🙃 - A testimonial by @stephpiruns

December 06, 2021

Plantar fasciitis anyone?! 🙃 This is an issue I have dealt with for over 10 years, so I have tried all sorts of treatments along the way. Most PTs and doctors prescribe night splints for this and lots of other conditions, but, honestly, who can stand to sleep for hours with a big chunky brace on their leg?! I couldn’t 🙅🏻‍♀️ For the last 6 weeks I have been using the Equinus Brace by @iqmedequinus and have already felt like I will never experience foot pain again! The best part about it is that you only need to wear it for ONE HOUR per day! It keeps the knee and foot on a stretch with an ideal mechanism that keeps you comfortable at the same time 👌🏼 it’s great to treat and prevent foot issues that are caused by tight Achilles and plantar fascia, which is very common in runners. If you are dealing with any of these stubborn problems, I highly recommend The Equinus Brace as part of your rehab and daily stretching routine 👣 Click the link in my bio to get yours 15% off with code PIRUNS 😎⠀⠀⠀⠀ #plantarfasciitis #physicaltherapist #footpain #runnerprobs #marathoner #rungirl #footpain #irun #runningcoach #iqmedequinuspartner

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We discuss how our nonsurgical equinus treatment is helping customers regain mobility, increase functionality, and decrease pain.
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Alexandra Hughes of The Pennsylvania Ballet

The Equinus Brace has really helped me get rid of the tight and achy muscles that contributed to my stress fracture. The brace helped relieve my tired muscles and stretch the entire leg, from toes to the thigh, providing complete relief. After a few weeks, I noticed a change in my ballet performance.