PREHAB OVER REHAB👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 - A Testimonial By @TrackClubBabe

PREHAB OVER REHAB👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 - A Testimonial By @TrackClubBabe

December 06, 2021

That should be our motto as runners.

What are we doing in our day to day to make sure we aren’t sidelined by something that could be prevented with good habits?! . 👉🏽So what does this look like for me? .

⚡️Stepping onto a tennis ball when I wake up in the morning and rolling out my feet for a few minutes. .

⚡️Taking 10 minutes to roll out my legs before bed. .

⚡️Doing bandwork to strength my hips & glutes so that other muscles aren’t forced to compensate— causing a domino effect. .

⚡️Stretching so that nothing stays too tight & causes problems. .

⚡️Getting massages regularly when in heavy training— they keep my body loose-& if there is anything that’s an issue- I can have them work on the area & loosen things up. .

⚡️Taking a day off if something flares up — so I don’t have to take a week (or more!) off later. .

⚡️Wear compression socks at night to get blood circulating so I can recover faster. .

⚡️Sit in my Equinus Brace while watching TV & get a light stretch! . .

I’ve been SO impressed by the Equinus Brace @iqmedequinus. It works by keeping your foot & leg stretched out so that your gastroc muscle- the calf muscle that tightens up -& then causes a domino effect of havoc in the body- will be gently stretched & held in that stretch while you chill on the couch watching tv or answering emails. All you need is an hour a day (half hour on each side) & it’s an incredible preventive way to keep issues like achilles, plantar fasciitis & IT issues at bay. .

I’ve been dealing with an Achilles issue since January 2018 & I’ve been so happy to be using the @iqmedequinus brace as I ramp up training again (fast running tends to aggravate it when my calf tightens up—this is such a simple way to head off any achilles aggravation). I don’t want to wait until I’m sidelined to do the things that keep me running healthy!🙌🏽

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We discuss how our nonsurgical equinus treatment is helping customers regain mobility, increase functionality, and decrease pain.
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Alexandra Hughes of The Pennsylvania Ballet

The Equinus Brace has really helped me get rid of the tight and achy muscles that contributed to my stress fracture. The brace helped relieve my tired muscles and stretch the entire leg, from toes to the thigh, providing complete relief. After a few weeks, I noticed a change in my ballet performance.